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KEYWORDS=afio, wyse, emo, DAVROM CONSULTING Newsletter - Issue # 28 - Dated: Fri Jun 24 11:22:41 EST 2005

From the desk of David Clark

Welcome to issue number 28 and to our new readers - we are 4 years old
as of June 1st just gone so I guess 6-7 newsletters per year isn't too bad
an average. I don't want to bury people in e-mail just for the sake of it.

We've updated our web site a little (a few subtle changes to product
pages) so feel free to browse around.

Support has been Stallion EasyServers, SnapGears, SCO OpenServer
installs, Linux, PHP programming and the beat goes on...

There is a launch of SCO OpenServer 6 going on in New York at the moment so
I will give you an update on what comes out of it next newsletter.

I would like to thank the reader for their time in reading this newsletter.


UNIX Quote

The UNIX industry doesn't need a market hype website to show it is the
better cost of implementation solution, it just is.

Old Wyses

One of the main requests I have had lately is from customers who would
like to see if there are any old second-hand Wyse terminals out there?

If you have any old Wyse terminals that you are no longer using, please
let me know as I have a few customers who may be interested in taking
them off your hands.

You can still purchase new Wyse terminals from us as well but it is a
shame to see ye olde Wyse terminals that still work well being pushed
into the water.

EMO - Electronic Mail Organiser

One feature I have always liked in UNIX/Linux e-mail environments is the
ability to set away messages and forward e-mail onto other people
automatically. But to the non-UNIX/Linux command line user, this option can
often not be available unless you have someone who can set this up for
you. To this end I set about writing a web based front end that
allows you to set away messages and the ability to forward e-mails to
different e-mail addresses on your UNIX/Linux e-mail server.

The product is called EMO and I have setup a demo for you to look -
please go to:


Version 1.0 is already in place with a few customers and version 1.1
will be coming out soon to enhance the product based on customer feedback
to date - as well as implement some PHP bits.

If you would like any further information on EMO, please do not hesitate
to contact me.

Newsworth Items

SCO OpenServer 6 started shipping in the USA on May 24th and SCO
distributors here in Australia are awaiting their first shipment to meet
customer orders. For more information on OpenServer 6 Please visit:

RedHat continues to promote Fedora Core 4 as their latest in the
opensource community operating system release:

Mandriva (formally known as Mandrake Linux) 10.1 Official is now available
for those who need an easy to use, advanced and well polished Linux system!

Sun Microsystems to Acquire StorageTek for $4.1 Billion, Creating a Global
Leader in Network Computing and Data Management. StorageTek are one of
the worlds largest solution providers for on-line tape and disk
storage/archiving technologies.

Tech Tip

afio - the cpio alternative.

afio has been around on Linux for a few years and is a great alternative to
cpio and tar if you need to backup an entire filesystem with compression
of files. It has distinct recovery advantages over doing a cpio and then
passing it to gzip/compress prior to putting the information on tape.

afio has a cpio-like syntax and to perform a backup you simply type:

afio -ovZ /dev/st0

(o - output, v - verbose, Z - compress files)

To read back a tape you type:

afio -tvZ /dev/st0

and to restore:

afio -ivZ /dev/st0

finally to restore selectively:

afio -ivZ etc/\* /dev/st0

would restore the /etc directory from tape.

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