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KEYWORDS=mount, cdrom, dvd, netscape, 7, review, DAVROM CONSULTING Newsletter - Issue # 20 - Dated: Mon Aug 18 14:20:33 EST 2003

From the desk of David Clark

Welcome to issue 20 going to 544 readers.

The war on spam continues and I have loaded the later version of
SpamAssassin (2.55) so now instead of getting my 19 spams a day, they
sit in spam folders awaiting my previewing and subsequent deleting. The
increase in spam seems to be affecting everyone as everywhere I look
these days, there are articles and the latest 'bit of software' to block
these useless e-mails.

Support lately has been a mixed bag of SCO, SnapGear and Linux servers with
the odd Windows and anti-virus software issues thrown in.

SCO Forum is under way as this newsletter reaches you and it is held in Las
Vegas these days, but my fond memories of SCO Forum take me back to the
great times I had with my colleagues on the campus of the University of
California, Santa Cruz. I will condense any points of interest from SCO
Forum in the next newsletter.

I would like to thank the reader for their time in reading this newsletter.


UNIX Quote

Pronounciation of Linux - lin-ux:

- lin (like the word tin)
- ux (like mux)

Netscape 7 Messenger review

In newsletter 6 I covered my use of Netscape Messenger under Netscape 6.x as
my e-mail reader and choice of browser. What I did find at the time is
its slowness forced me back into using the Netscape 4.7x range.

Coming from using the UNIX mail reader, "mail", at the UNIX command line
for the past 16 years, I wanted my nice GUI e-mail versions to offer me
the same features and ease of implementation.

Well now with a slightly faster desktop I converted over to Netscape 7
some months ago and I am enjoying using some of the nicer features of
this e-mail reader (and browser). Another indentical twin of Netscape 7
is Mozilla and given they are developed by the same people, Mozilla is
an excellent choice as well. I ran Mozilla for a few weeks and then
switched back to Netscape 7 - no mods necessary.

We use the Windows version here as well for e-mail and Internet browsing
and it works well interfacing with POP and IMAP.

Some nice features over the traditional 4.7x version is the ability to
learn e-mail addresses based on your sending and receiving (much the
same as Kmail does) - when you start to type in an e-mail address not
only does it look in your address book but it looks in the learned books
as well.

I found the transferring of e-mails from the Inbox to folders a lot
smoother and it stores them in my favourite e-mail format, UNIX e-mail
text (I have a heap of scripts that go through the folders etc so having
this compatibility is mandatory for me).

The browser 'appears' to load lot quicker when browsing sites.

There is some write-up that the free versions of Netscape won't be
developed any further but this is a non-issue as Mozilla works the same.

To date under UNIX/Linux I have used and tested, and can recommend:

Netscape 7.x, 4.7x

All of these work well with POP and IMAP servers running Sendmail,
PostFix, MMDF and SCOoffice Mail.

Please let me know if you have a favourite e-mail reader.

News notes

SnapGear have released the SnapGear Lite2 and the Lite2+ - these are now
shipped in place of the Lite and Lite+ - Internal upgrades to components.

SCO announces the OpenServer Kernel Personality for Unixware 7.1.3. This
allows traditional OpenServer applications to continue running on
Unixware 7.1.3 servers.

Red Hat will join the ObjectWeb consortium and continue its close
relationship with Apache to further develop enterprise technologies
to deliver robust web based solutions.

Tech Tip

Mounting CDs on SCO and Linux systems. For the most part mounting CDs
onto your SCO or Linux system requires no arguments, just a simple
command like:

mount -r /dev/cd0 /cdrom


mount -r /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

The "-r" tells the system the media is read-only (don't use this if you
wish to burn an image onto a writable CD). The /dev name is the name
the system uses to access the CD drive and the /cdrom or /mnt/cdrom is a
directory that must exist and is used to "plug" the CD into the
filesystem structure.

There are times where options may be needed so here are a few that may

mount -r -olower /dev/cd0 /mnt # SCO - lowercase names
mount -r /dev/cdrom /cdrom -t iso9660 # Specify the CD format
mount -r /dev/cdrom1 /cdrom1 -t iso9660 # as above - on second CD
mount -r -oHS,lower /dev/cd0 /mnt # SCO - High Sierra format

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