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DAVROM CONSULTING Newsletter - Issue # 13 - Dated: Thu Sep 19 21:15:13 EST 2002

From the desk of David Clark

September is quickly flashing by us as we charge through time to the end of
the year 2002.

In this newsletter we have covered the return of the SCO name to the I.T
industry and a quick look at a great new personnel time/attendance

If you would like to leave any feedback or update your contact details with us, please use our contacts/feedback web page:


I would like to thank the reader for their time in reading this newsletter.


SCO Returns

Actually it never really left us but if you haven't heard,
Caldera have now changed their name to the SCO Group. Given the
wide-spread recognition of the SCO name and logo (now modified) the name
change from Caldera will certainly help keep the familiar name in front
of people.

Those who have stayed with OpenServer over the years (and there's a lot of
you) will be pleased to hear of the on-going commitment to
OpenServer - just check out all the later packages available on the
Skunkware website. For more details please go to:


For us at DAVROM it is business as usual where SCO is concerned as this
has remained our primary product support range. As I used to often
quote, "Long live SCO!"

Time & Attendance System

On a recent site visit with a colleague working on some Internet webpages
for a mutual client, I was shown a staff time management product
developed in-house there. The product, "Time & Attendance" offers
employers up-to-the-minute records of who is actually on-site at the
workplace right at their fingertips. This is ideal for those companies,
schools and organisations who need to keep records for Workplace and
Safety and/or calculate work attendance and salary records. The Time &
Attendance product consists of hardware and software that is fully
integrated with a Windows PC to offer you an ideal and simple to use
personnel time data management system.

For more information on this awesome Aussie home grown product visit the


For pricing and availability, please contact us at DAVROM CONSULTING.

Tech Tip

Aspell and supplemental dictionary (word list).

I have been using a spell checker at the UNIX command line for years now
but given I run Redhat 7.3 on my desktop I have had to get to know the
"aspell" utility a little better to be able to add my own supplemental
word list.

Under SCO for instance you type "spell +/u/david/data/dictionary_dat"
to run the spell checker over files and to include any supplemental
words (like a personalised list of words that aren't in the standard
UNIX dictionary - Brisbane, Queensland, DAVROM). With "aspell" it isn't
quite that easy to find a similar option, so here it is.

You need to create a file in your $HOME directory called:


and in it place your personalised word list. Consider the following example:

personal_ws-1.1 english 0

Note that the "personal_ws-1.1 english 0" line must exist otherwise you
will get incorrect format errors and "spell" will not work. Also note I
have added three case sensitive variants of the word to allow for all
possible spellings.

Please note you still run the "spell" command which invokes "aspell".

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